Paper-Ya on Granville Island

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Paper-Ya offers the creative individual a unique and inspired collection of decorative and unusual papers from around the world. We specialize in all areas of contemporary personal and office stationery including photo albums and wedding invitational papers.

Our Declutter Friends: Pouches & Boxes

The whole idea of decluttering and tidying is to clear our minds and enjoy a fresh aesthetic. 

At Paper-Ya we appreciate beauty and style too! Choose from our pouches for tucking pencils and pens away or a really pretty box for the "little nothings" drawer. We all have no shortage of small things that need to be gathered or organized.

Not all pouches and boxes are for managing our clutter. Some pouches go shopping or to parties, as they make the perfect little purse. Some boxes hold our most treasured memories and keepsakes.  

Do life with style while receiving the pleasure some simple things can give. A well designed pouch or a beautiful, useful box, now that, is simple!

Who thinks of framing paper? We do!

These deeply embossed ultra soft mulberry papers are truly gorgeous, producing incredible dimension.


The borders of these all white sheets are deckle edged, showing off the beauty and quality of its handmade nature. 

Clover, rolling hills, ficus leaves, swirls. Think lampshades ~ privacy windows ~ framed ~ folded gift boxes ~ painting your own ~ a stunning yet simple book cover ~ to name a few ideas.