Paper-Ya on Granville Island

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Paper-Ya offers the creative individual a unique and inspired collection of decorative and unusual papers from around the world. We specialize in all areas of contemporary personal and office stationery including photo albums and wedding invitational papers.

There are many approaches to making a beautiful wedding invitation.

One could say that the famous quote attributed to Einstein is worth a mention here.
"Everything should be made as Simple as Possible, but not simpler."

We offer a complimentary consultation. To help you answer important questions and get a good sense of the "feel" of the invitation you want to create begin the process by filling out our Wedding Consultation Form. Fax or email it back to us and make your appointment. It is as simple as that!

Japanese stainless steel Samurai Scissors are both useful and a work of artistic tradition and craftsmanship.

Exquisitely designed for both the left and right hand by Samurai sword artisans from the Gifu prefecture in Japan.

Using traditional methods used in sword making these scissors are meant to be used, not just admired for their beauty and craftsmanship. The mat black has a fluorine coating. Both come in a simple and perfectly designed box and make a gift like no other.

Making your own Wedding Invitations is an exciting adventure and we are here to help you enjoy the process and be thrilled with the results.

Your invitation will set the tone for your wedding while expressing your unique personality as a couple. We offer a complimentary consultation to help you answer important questions and get a good sense of the "feel" of the invitation you want to create.

While we do not print or design your invitation we do have many examples of invitations that will inspire you. Make some time to visit us. Look through our sample books and exceptional selection of envelopes, papers, ribbons, wax seals and more.

You don't need to worry about making a final decision the first time you come into Paper-Ya. Remember, this is a process to be enjoyed, keep an open mind and surprise yourself. You may not have done this before, but we have! See you soon.