Paper-Ya on Granville Island

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Paper-Ya offers the creative individual a unique and inspired collection of decorative and unusual papers from around the world. We specialize in all areas of contemporary personal and office stationery including photo albums and wedding invitational papers.

Collage in Printmaking : fun, simple and very effective!

Add color and texture easily with layering a variety of our decorative and handmade papers to your art. We continue with our series exploring artists working with paper or paper as art. Denise Carson WIlde's inventive and bold etchings from a series made in 1997 entitled "Marshes Library" uses various Nepalese and Thai papers to provide dimension of form and diversity to only one image. Each print stands out yet each print has a slightly different feel.

Denise Carson Wilde has used an archival PVA glue sold at Paper-Ya, that is often used for bookmaking. This type of glue provides flexibility and strength. The glue has shown itself to have absolutely no issues. But as in most artwork it is direct sun light and humidity that will alter your work. So be careful with displaying  and storing your art!

Collage or varied editions can be a free wheeling way to make images. Tearing the papers, letting the deckle edges show and layering a wide variety of papers can easily give your work a tactility and lively feel. The possibilities are endless. Enjoy yourself!

The artistry of Robert Wu's marbled papers.

Continuing with our series on marbled papers we are pleased to introduce the hand marbled papers of  Robert Wu. 

We have been selling papers for almost 30 years now, and frankly, we have never seen such a rich and exciting color sense.

Patterns swirl, twist and effortlessly float on paper in all sorts of directions 

Wu's marbled papers can be used in book and card making. But simply framed on their own is a complete statement of beauty, color and sensation.

The Light Creations of Cameron Mathieson

are extraordinary in both their simplicity of materials and purity of feeling.

We met this remarkable artist in Paper-Ya, buying paper, of course. Even though we do not sell his lights we wanted to share his artistic endeavors with you. We know you will be impressed and inspired, as we are.

Cameron Mathieson works from the shores of remote Duncan Lake in the Kootenays, in nature and solitude. His collection of what he refers to as a "boneyard of weathered wood" is stunning and an art instillation in itself!

The artist transforms worn and naturally discarded branches and roots into new life. Like skeletons and spines, they become armatures of which paper is elegantly shaped and twisted around and light is introduced. His creations are indeed functional while instilled with a spiritual feeling and deep respect toward nature and her natural gifts. Wood, paper and lightness. To learn more about this artist and his amazing work go to