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Paper-Ya offers the creative individual a unique and inspired collection of decorative and unusual papers from around the world. We specialize in all areas of contemporary personal and office stationery including photo albums and wedding invitational papers.

Sending a card in times of sorrow.

Grief and loss are part of life and we all know this. But sometimes we are uncertain as to how to react and how to give to those that are suffering with a loss. It is often simply the acknowledgement that a loss has occurred that can help a friend begin to get through a distressful time. It is estimated that half of the stress during grieving can be decreased by talking and sharing with people who don't judge or advise.

When a loved one, a friend or an acquaintance is suffering with intense sorrow or some emotional pain we want to hold out our hand and offer our love and support. There are some excellent websites to give us some guidance in helping someone with grieving. Sometimes this helping hand can start with simply a card that acknowledges what has happened. Finding the right card can be a challenge so we try to have a variety of sympathy and  "thinking of you" cards for you to choose from. 

The talented Mr. Joseph Wu

In the western world we might think of origami as a small square piece of paper that one can turn into a crane. We might think of a children's folding game. As parents we might think origami would be good to help children follow instructions while keeping them occupied. We do not tend to think of inspired design, mathematics, architecture or therapeutic applications and certainly not vodka advertisements! Now we are thinking Joseph Wu!

But Joseph Wu knows all this and much more about origami's amazing applications and potential. He has been commissioned by advertising agencies throughout the world and his works have been thus published in magazines from Rolling Stone to Gourmet. 

Wu's latest inspiration is the kirigami technique which is paper cutting and he told us he is having lots of fun with it. In fact, it seems Wu has a lot of fun no matter what he is making. He started doing origami when he was 3 and made his first original design at 11, its no surprise it was an X-wing fighter from Star Wars. If you want to meet Joseph and other like minded creators you can head over to a group called PALM that meet monthly. Besides the immense talent and originality of Wu's original origami works his sense of community and sheer enjoyment of sharing the pleasures of origami is heart warming. Find him on Instagram and Facebook too.