Keep The Little Ones Busy & Creating These Final Summer Days!

With Fall looming on the horizon, here are a few ideas to keep the little ones busy and engage their creativity in these final summer days and evenings before it's back to school! Whether it's learning origami, drawing, painting, cutting, pasting, or writing, kids tend to love creating if they are given the chance. 

Origami is fun and fairly easy for a little one to learn, especially with our paper sets! Not only can they choose to create giraffes, paper airplanes, dinosaurs and more, some even suggest that by creating those little origami animals it can help develop their brains. That's a pretty good deal! 

Setting them down with a blank page and giving them colored pencils, brush pens, or paint sets can be a fun (and perhaps messy!) way to see what their imaginations can come up with! If they are having a hard time coming up with something on their own, then we also have sketchbooks that give them ideas and prompts to help spark that individuality. 

Have them color in postcards to send to their friends living in other cities or send one to their grandparents, let them create maps of their favorite places, draw a flamingo-giraffe, or just write about their favorite part of the day. There are so many different ways to let children start enjoying art and creation from an early age, and although the final days of summer can be bittersweet, let them be full of fun and creativity!