The Magic of Marbelling

Painting on water is magical! Floating colors of pigmented inks on water creates a vast possibility of patterns. Traditional methods go back hundreds of years. Marblers made gorgeous decorative end papers for books and art pieces incorporating calligraphy which stand on their own throughout Asia, Turkey and the Western world.

Above are a few of our hand marbled papers from Italy. These use a freeform pattern creating a loose aqueous feel in soft hues and golds. Below is a video, not to be missed! The artist Seyit Uygur creates marbled images that are highly unique and works of art on their own. 

Manipulating color on the surface of the water, using methods as blowing through a straw, pushing and pulling with pins, bamboo, even hair or simply fanning the water aids in making a unique statement. Below are our marbled momogami papers from Thailand. These papers are soft and incredibly strong. More recently we have seen them used as wall papers and collage.