Frame up our Amazing papers for your walls.

Could it be time to refresh your walls? No one wants the same old stuff in the same old place all the time! As the seasons change we get inspired to mix it up.

It couldn't be simpler with our amazing papers. Get yourself some one size fits all frames, Ikea is a good source, and pop these babies in them. Here, we are showing a few of our Chiyogami papers from Japan. These papers are traditional patterns but have a very contemporary feel to them. They look amazing with a wide mat and simple frame.

For the kitchen, the entrance or office, the kids room, and don't forget the bathroom! The average price of these papers is under 7.00 ! So, as the seasons change, and you want a different look, simply use the paper to wrap up some gifts and pop some new ones in! We are always bringing in new papers from all over the world. Have some fun as your own Interior Designer!