What's up with Noodler's Ink?

At Paper-Ya, we have a lot of love for all of our inks. It's not easy to choose which ones to bring in!

Generous bottles of lovely inks and really fun artwork!

Generous bottles of lovely inks and really fun artwork!

One of the brands we carry is Noodler's Inks. They come in an array of stunning colours, and each ink has its own unique properties. We do our best to bring in a wide variety of colours with each order. Whether you’re using a dip or a fountain pen or even using it for art, Noodler’s Ink will provide!

A fairly common question we get is whether left-handed people can use fountain pens without smudging the ink across the page, and we always recommend the Noodler’s quick-drying Bernanke black or blue. With its quick drying speed, it’s ideal not only for left-handed people, but also for people who use fountain pens on the go!

We love that so many of the inks are waterproof, archival, UV resistant, forgery resistant… the list goes on. Whether you’re taking notes in class, working as an artist, or even writing your meeting minutes, these inks will help keep your work preserved throughout the years.

The Noodler’s Ink website includes a photo sample of every colour of ink. You can see them all here!

We also recommend that people choose their paper carefully. Paper that’s too thin or too rough will bleed through or feather. If you're familiar with our store, you'll know there is a plethora of choices. But don't worry! We are happy to recommend a variety of journals and paper that are ideal for dip and fountain pens.

Ink newcomers and veterans - we'd love to see you and help you pick out ink, or hear about your experiences with it. We'll see you soon at Paper-Ya!

Blog by Christine Wiebe