150 Years Young, Canada!

Canada's 150th birthday is just around the corner!

As proud Canadians, we are celebrating the incredible talent that we bring in from all over our country!


Some of the most beautiful papers we have are sourced from Montreal, Quebec. These handmade papers have stunning textures and details that make them incredibly unique to work with - or to frame on your wall!


Handmade on Vancouver Island, these leather-bound journals are made using traditional binding techniques. We always get excited when we see the newest colours!


Many of our cards are sourced locally from artists such as Dogwood Letterpress, Regional Assembly of Text, Quirky Paper, and more!

We also bring in cards from Edmonton and from as far as Nova Scotia.



Much of our jewelry comes from local artists and designers who use various materials - metal, bamboo, or glass - to create pieces we love to show off.

BC is known for its trees, and to celebrate this we carry locally made wooden watches that show the beauty of nature.


Okay, we admit it - we love bags. 

These lovely ones here are handmade in Toronto and Montreal. We fell in love with the detail and care put into every stitch.


Food for the soul - creative fun for you or to share! These staples are just a few beloved favourites.

These surreal scenes printed on soft pillowcases add whimsical nostalgia to your home.

These letterpress coasters add a touch of Canadian to your home - because who doesn't love maple leaves?

Okay, it doesn't have any maple leaves on it but it does have a cat!

Thank you, Canada. Here's to the next 150 years!

Blog by Christine Wiebe