Back to School at Paper-Ya

School is just around the corner! Whether you're excited or dreading it, we've found everything you need to make your school days just a little bit brighter.


If you have to look at an agenda every day, you might as well make sure it's one that you love! 


Agendas come in all types of sizes, covers, and designs. You can choose larger ones that stay on your desk, or little ones that fit in your pocket.


Once you've decided on the size that you want, the next step is to choose what type of interior layout you want. Monthly, weekly, and daily agenda allow for various levels of detail in your planning. 

The most fun part is, of course, choosing the cover! 



There are hundreds of notebooks out there, but we've narrowed down our in store selection to some of the best.  We carry blank, lined, dot-grid, and gridded notebooks in all different sizes!

Decomposition books offer fun covers and plenty of pages for all your notes. 


If you prefer to use gel or fountain pens, we recommend notebooks with thicker paper such as our Rollbahn journals.

Pens and Pencils 


We all have our favourite pens and pencils. If you ask any of us who work here, we will happily point ours out.

We have so many different kinds that we recommend simply coming in and testing them out to find your favourite! 

Pencil cases 


Do you carry just a couple basics or a whole assortment of pens? We have all different sizes that allow you to carry as many - or as few as you would like!



Binders, folders, and desktop accessories help keep all your notes and ideas in one spot. Because there's no such thing as being too organized!

And finally, we have bags to help you carry everything from your lunch to your textbooks!

We wish you all a very happy back to school! And if you're not going back to school... well, one can never have too much stationery... 

Blog by Christine Wiebe