Pencils. What's the story?

Did you know that one pencil is able to draw a line 56 kilometers long! That the office tool we take mostly for granted of can write and average of 45000 words!
Originally made of lead, but now made of non-toxic graphite the pencil as we know it today became widespread in 1564. We now offer the Palomino Blackwing pencil in a box of 12's. Soft and smooth, giving a dark rich line...perfect for artists and doodlers. And if that is not enough we have made available the replacement eraser in pink, black and white. The Blackwing 602 is firm and smooth, ideal for writers. Although it is known to hold a point well do not go on a writing binge without your Palomino-KUM long point pencil sharpener.

The only drawback I can see of the simple underappreciated pencil is that it is never sharp when you need it. But that's not the pencils fault. On the contrary, the least we can do for this ancient Roman writing tool is to keep it in tip top shape with a nice even point. For this little job you will find the "long point pencil sharpener" very useful. Enclosed are 2 sharpeners, one to shape the wood and the other to sharpen the a nice long point. And it comes with 2 extra blades. Not for children.
For the more cautious types we have the 602's available in ones, try it out and convert yourself. Makes a nice gift for pretty much anyone, especially those who, well, who use a pencil.