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Who wouldn’t love these?

A few of our favorite Aunts & Uncles just waiting for you to strut around with!

Naughty or nice~Gifts For the Stocking or Under the Tree

For her, something special that will be a joy to use everyday! Be prepared to see a huge smile on her face when she opens up her gift to find one of these babies!

Its fun to watch men in our store, they shop very differently than the ladies. They go directly to our "man case" and say, "I'll have that." No fuss. No muss. These are some of the more popular choices (according to our observations!)

For the sweet peas in your life, Paper-Ya is a treasure island. For all ages, and this includes the young at heart, you will find a little something special, different, functional and fun. 

By the way, it is quite common to hear our customers say that they are embarrassed to admit that some of their Christmas purchases are for themselves! Oh, how naughty! Don't worry, you are not alone! Enjoy the season~

Mankind has had a long time fascination with our feathered friend, the bird.

Bird songs, bird nests, bird symbolism, bird art, bird watching. For most city dwellers it will be the bird that instantly connects us to nature. They are smart, beautiful and usually graceful. Except for the pigeon, sorry, but the pigeon is just not thought of as graceful.

Birds are one of the most diverse species in the world, and are symbols of hope as poets as Emily Dickinson expresses in this excerpt from her poem:
"Hope" is the thing of feathers
That perches in the soul
And sings the tune without the words
And never stops - at all.

....and for you early birds, some suggestions for Mothers Day, which is not far off...

Japanese stainless steel Samurai Scissors are both useful and a work of artistic tradition and craftsmanship.

Exquisitely designed for both the left and right hand by Samurai sword artisans from the Gifu prefecture in Japan.

Using traditional methods used in sword making these scissors are meant to be used, not just admired for their beauty and craftsmanship. The mat black has a fluorine coating. Both come in a simple and perfectly designed box and make a gift like no other.

For Him, For Her or For Us.

A token of your love starts with a great card.

And then a little something special for that sweet someone special.

Happy Valentines Day to all you romantics out there !

Paper-Ya has some exquisite suggestions for those special people in your life that you may feel gift-challenged by.

If you have a "fussy" on your list, don't worry. They will be thrilled to receive whatever you give!

Relax and enjoy the smiles coming your way!

Paper-Ya is all a sparkle and a twinkle with lights, ornaments, season's greeting cards, and more delightful amusements.

If you're starting to brainstorm for special gifts, we have some ideas that are sure to put that twinkle in someone's eye.

Ornaments make a great gift for neighbors, teachers, dinner party hosts and coworkers. It's the perfect way to give a small thank you and show appreciation and caring to those folks that make our lives a little sweeter.