We often ask our customers what they are going to do with the papers they are purchasing. It is always amazing to see the transformation. Here is an email we received recently. Thanks Kaarina!

Hi there,

I thought you might be interested to see what happens to some of your papers after they leave the shop. I’m attaching some photos of my ‘box’ purses, which are made almost exclusively from reclaimed materials. 

The basic structure is cut from corrugated cardboard boxes and lined with paper shopping bags; the strap is bicycle inner tube. The only new material I’m using is the exterior paper, almost all of which is from Paper-Ya. Although the basic materials are somewhat industrial, the fine papers give the purse a more elegant look. I normally sell my work at Circle Craft (just down the hall from you). I’ll be delivering these purses next week, and expect to be dropping in at Paper-Ya frequently.  photographer – Doug Williams 

Kaarina Talvila