Christmas at Paper-Ya: A joy & delight!

Every year, at this time, we find ourselves immersed with heartfelt enthusiasm. We love decorating the store! Our store takes on a delightful feeling that we enjoy sharing with you. We all seem to have so much more fun, and why not, the world needs more fun these days. So let's get decorating!

For the foodie: big fat dill pickles, slices of pizza, hot dogs, and a burger make for a festive party in the kitchen or dinning room.

For the critter lover: and who does not love critters? Mantlepieces, table centerpieces, or the front door are all sweet spots for critters.

For the odd ball: eye balls of course! Hang on the car mirror...and keep smiling!

This is just a sneak peek of what's on our shelves now — Stayed tuned, we'll be posting more!