Our neighbours: Dundarave Printmakers

The other day we were talking about how much creativity is all around us on Granville Island and how sometimes we don’t quite see it because it is so close! That got us thinking and we decided to get yet a little closer and head over to the Dundarave Print Workshop & Gallery just on the outside of our very own building, the Netloft.

Serendipity played its part and we found ourselves at a delightful opening, on that Thursday eve, celebrating with various co-op members the joys or printmaking with Paper-Ya’s fine washi papers. The evening reminded us of the cross-pollination of our enterprises. While Paper-Ya does not make the art, we do make a contribution to the creative life we see daily in our neighbours. Of course, not all the artists at Dundarave use Japanese washi paper in their works, but it is doubtful that a printmaker would not have a deep affinity for paper.

We saw a lot of beautiful work by many talented printmakers that night. We especially enjoyed diving into the work of Barb Synder. Her exquisitely executed prints are both delightful and mysterious. Being a biologist she loves nature and environmental issues are frequent subject matters.

The prints of Heather Aston were also intriguing to us. Her printmaking scope is as rich as her lively imagery. Another nature lover, her prints are bold, colourful, and full of earthy life. Frankly, her love of chine colle, that is, the use of fine Japanese papers in her printmaking oeuvre is impressive both in execution and inventiveness.

Dundarave Print Workshop & Gallery is a true cooperative.  Its 30 members dedicated to contemporary fine art printmaking support the co-op through print sales, printmaking courses, and studio rental income. We encourage you to explore their website and who knows, sign up for a workshop and get your creative juices flowing!