Keeping a notebook: tips for the beginner.

Many feel there is a difference between a notebook and a journal. Notebooks are generally used for recording information and making lists. Journals are most often considered diaries and are of a more personal nature.  Often there is an overlap between the two, and we all find our own methodology. This blog will talk about the notebook.

Have you ever experienced a great idea popping into your head and a day later, heck, an hour later, wondering how you could have forgotten it? We all know that “mental” notes seem to fade quickly. Keep a notebook and write that idea down, now!

One of the most important suggestions is to select a notebook that is right for you. There are so many options and all are worth investigating, but remember life is too short to carry an ugly notebook! A simple spiral bound notebook with lined paper is a great choice. The page will lay flat on any surface. There is inherent order with lined paper. That being said, not all of us wish order, we just might prefer to stretch our thoughts across plain unlined paper! And of course, the size of the notebook is essential. A 5x7 notebook, or smaller, will fit into most purses or bags. And finally the colour and style of the notebook — do consider that brighter coloured notebooks can be found easier amongst all the paraphernalia we lug around! Delfonics and Moleskine are among the many inexpensive soft covered notebooks available at Paper-Ya.

If you are just starting to keep a notebook and not sure where to begin, may we suggest

  • Your goals you want to accomplish
  • Books you have been moved by and why
  • Music that you love or music you want to explore in the future
  • Quotes and poetry that inspire you
  • Your feelings and response to world events
  • Notes of gratitude: what happened your in life that was really good today

Most importantly, never censor yourself. Don’t concern yourself with spelling and grammar, let your ideas flow naturally and without criticism. And finally, take your notebook with you everywhere you go, and don’t forget your pen!