The Sound of Music: All About Audio Pro's Addon Bluetooth Soundsystems

The moment we heard the Audio Pro Addon Soundsystems, we knew we had to bring them in. 


Audio Pro is a Swedish company that has been making audio products for almost four decades. Their products are ground-breaking and award-winning. 

The Addon systems are small and, we feel, rather cute. They feature two tweeters and a woofer in the front, giving it that distinctly speaker-like feel, only in miniature form.

With genuine leather handles and solid aluminum details, these systems are solidly built. No gimmicks, just pure quality.


Space is a high commodity for most of us, so one of Addon's biggest selling points is how easy it is to place on a bookshelf or tuck into a corner out of the way. It looks great displayed and - most importantly - it sounds great. 


With clear treble and a deep bass, these systems are the best models in their price range.


We have brought in two of their models: the T3 and the T5. Both have won Hi-Fi awards from critics such as What Hi-Fi and Digital Life.

Both models also come in a variety of colours - white, grey, black, and more.



The T3 is the portable system. It has a battery life of up to 30 hours (12 hours at full volume), which means you can easily bring it with you on all of your adventures. If you want something that you can slip into your backpack or bring outside for a beach barbeque, we highly recommend this model!



This model is slightly larger than the T3, though not by much. It has no battery, so it needs to stay plugged in when in use. Due to the slight increase in size, it can reach lower frequencies than the T3 and has a slightly clearer mid-range as well.  If you`re not looking for portability, then this is your best choice!


Both systems can connect to your devices via bluetooth 4.0 or an aux in 3.5mm stereo.

Whether you enjoy indie, hip hop, rock, or classical, the Audio Pro Addon systems will give you beautiful sound. 

Blog by Christine Wiebe