Celebrating MIDORI's 10th Anniversary Event at Paper-Ya


Midori 10th Anniversary Event at Paper-Ya!

We have been proud to carry MIDORI's MD Notebook products for many years, and now we are honoured and excited to be hosting a 10th Anniversary event right here at Paper-Ya! From March 24th - 25th 2018, we will have MD Paper available for testing with an assortment of pens and pencils. Bring your creativity and leave us a message or a doodle to commemorate this special event!

                                                                                                                                                                  Photo by Paper-Ya

                                                                                                                                                                  Photo by Paper-Ya

You will also have access to an exclusive MD PAPER PRODUCTS 2mm pencil only available at Paper-Ya. Quantities will be limited though, so don't wait too long! 


For their 10th Anniversary, MIDORI has released their MD Notebook in limited edition styles. This includes dotted journals, and unique lined and gridded designs. We are excited to have these available here at Paper-Ya! They will be available only for a limited time, so be sure to take advantage of our event!


About Midori's MD Notebooks

The MD Notebook embodies the notion of sophistication through simplicity. From the very first steps in making the paper to the final binding process, MIDORI has perfected their craft, eliminating unnecessary excess and focusing their efforts where it really matters.

With an emphasis on the quality of their products, MIDORI carefully monitors the entire process to ensure that there are no flaws in their paper, as a single mistake will result in the loss of an entire batch.


MD Paper goes through rigorous inspection to ensure top quality for each journal. Each completed batch of paper is first tested for the right thickness, weight, and colour. They are then tested with various writing tools to check for writing quality, bleed-through, texture, and the reaction of ink upon the paper. If it fails any of the tests, it is discarded and the process must be started all over again.

Though using the traditional thread-stitching method is more time-consuming, it ensures durability as well as the ability to lay flat for ease of writing. The exposed binding and lack of a cover also make the journal more flexible and easier to use. 

Their website is full of beautiful photos and it details the different steps they take to ensure only the best quality.


Interview with Midori

In a small interview with our MIDORI representative, we asked a few questions to get some insight into their MD Notebook and its future:

Q: Will any of the MIDORI 10th Anniversary designs become regular stock?

A: We haven't decided yet. We will consider many things, such as the market demand.

Q: Which 10th Anniversary design is MIDORI most excited about, and why?

A: Every design comes from the commitment to quality that makes writing a pleasure, so we are excited to release all 10 types of MD Notebook. We hope that MD Notebook can be a creative tool for everyone. We also hope that these lines can be a guide for people to put their ideas freely on the paper.

Q: Which regular stock MD Notebook is the best-selling style?

A: MD Notebook A5 Blank, Lined, and Gridded are the popular size and style. 


Q: Will MIDORI do more special edition notebooks in the future?

A: It's possible, but we haven't planned anything yet. We would like to focus on 10th Anniversary items to be successful this year. 


Q: Will there be any new MD PAPER PRODUCTS in the future?

A: Yes, we always examine the possibility of new item launch. 


Q: What are MIDORI's goals regarding their notebooks for the next 10 years?

A: In welcoming the 10th Anniversary of the MD Notebook, we would like to once again convey the essence of the material we use for "MD Paper" to users around the world. We would make MD PAPER PRODUCTS into "a paper product for writing", where no other notebook can meet our level without diminishing the concept of minimalism. We are pursuing to make MD Notebook as a standard notebook, with which people can feel the pleasure of writing in daily life. 


Whether you're an avid MIDORI fan or are merely curious about the journals, we hope to see you at our event!

All photos Copyright MIDORI (Unless otherwise noted)

Blog by Christine Wiebe