Chiyogami patterns originated from traditional Japanese designs of flora and fauna.

New designs are continuously being created. Like Japan itself these exquisite handmade Japanese sheets of paper have a feeling of old and new at the same time.

Colors are rich and the golds and silvers shimmer and shine. Each color is hand silkscreened one at a time onto the sheet. There are hundreds of patterns available, we can supply you with morst of them!
We sell the highest quality chiyogami. The base paper is high in kozo content and a nice weight thereby giving a stronger sheet. The pigment-based inks are an excellent quality and great care is put into the light fastness and adherence of the pigments. We sell the full sheet size of 24x36 in. so when comparing prices always note the size.
Probably the most common use of these papers is in accents and decorative embellishment for invitations and envelope linings. Bookbinders discovered them long ago as cover papers. Now many artists and printmakers are finding these papers inspiring in collage and digital applications.