For more than 15 years we have been selling the Space Pen. Why? How could we not? Watch & be amazed

A customer came to our store, went to the Space Pen section and we saw him smiling ear-to-ear. We couldn't help but to notice him, so we asked why he appeared so happy to see the Space Pen. He informed us that he received a Space Pen as a gift 15 years ago from his daughter who now lives far away from him. She bought it from our store. Both father & daughter used to live in Vancouver. Now he's just visiting, and to see the Space Pen still available at our store brought him back so many happy memories.

He then proceeded to purchase another Space Pen from us. We asked him whether he still has the one given by his daughter. He said it's still working perfectly fine, but since he'd like to treasure that one always, he needed another one for his daily use. Yup, made us almost cry :)

Our Space Pen display