Ohh la la have you ever noticed how you can come across something like a pen that you love and you feel inspired to write? Or a swatch of material and all of a sudden you’re making a skirt?

Or you can’t resist picking up that beautiful eggplant from the grocers even though you’re not sure how to prepare it? All because the “thing” got your juices going and before you know it you are off on some great ride with creativity. That’s how we feel about paper. Autumn seems to inspire the making of things. Which is good. Cause if you start making now, you got yourself some sweet gifts to give to loved ones. No, I am not going to mention the word, but I know you know what we all know. Time flies! And before you know it, the season is here. Anyway, enjoy your time now! And if you are a paper lover like we are, come in and enjoy our new shipment of gorgeous papers from India and Italy. Perhaps creative inspiration will take hold of you too.