Yep, this is an outhouse. It goes to show that even the humblest of spaces can be enhanced by beautiful paper

This summer we built an outhouse on our recreational property. The paper is 100% cotton made in India. The design on the paper reminded me of a sweet cottage my grandmother would have. I was so excited to use it in this unexpected way. I glued it onto plywood using plain white glue. The tricky part was getting the air bubbles out. Using a clean rag I pushed any air pockets to the edge of the wood till the surface was nice and smooth. Then I put another heavy board on top to give it some weight so it would dry flat. It dried perfectly flat in a few days. After the paper was dry and secure on the plywood I painted 2 coats of clear water-soluble varathane over it. It is now washable and protected. Just add a toilet seat and you're good to go.