Elegant & classy wax seal is a great way to make your letter/creation stand out. Here's how to make it [video]

The concept of using personal seals dates back to ancient Egypt, where seals were applied to documents using strips of material. Over the ages, seals have been composed of clay, bees wax, resin and more recently sealing wax.

Sealing an envelope with a wax seal is a great way to make your letter stand out from the rest as it adds a touch of elegance and class.

There are generally two methods to apply wax seals. In the first method, you can directly apply the melted wax to your document/envelope before applying the seal, as shown in the video below:

In the second method, you can choose to apply all your seals to non-stick craft paper (a.k.a. wax paper) first, as shown in the video below. After the seals hardens, peel off and apply to the original document or envelope with craft glue. This method ensures that every finished product has a perfect seal. We recommend practicing before applying your seals to your creations. 

The wax seal stamper should be oiled before each use. Baby, mineral & vegetable oil all work well.