Cover your Moleskine and other clever ideas!

While pretty journals and notebooks may come and go, we're big believers in the classics as well. So are many of our store's visitors, which is why one of the most common questions we're asked is, Where do you keep your Moleskines?
A local leather-working company must also have come to the same conclusion, that sometimes it's best to go with what's always worked, when they decided to handcraft these super-durable, amazingly beautiful, not to mention clever, Moleskine notebook covers. They also must have had the die-hard fans in mind, because this design holds all three of the notebooks in the Moleskine paper cover three-pack at once. Perfect for easy organization.

If you're not a paper cover lover, there's also a design for your soft cover pocket sized Moleskine, with slots for loose notes, business cards, to do lists, whatever. These leather covers are the perfect way to protect as well as jazz up your old faithful notebook. We also brought in the accompanying business card holders, glasses and pencil cases, and coin purses from these leather masters.

Isn't Father's Day coming up sooner than you think?