Envelopes part 2: Making your own envelopes is easy enough if...

you have patience and some extra time. It also helps to have dexterity. You can make something amazing with our selection of decorative papers at Paper-Ya.

We also sell templates to make the job easier. As well, you can use an existing envelope as a template. A vast selection of videos on You Tube can assist in the project. If you only need a few envelopes, making them just might be a good option. Some situations for making your own envelopes could be:
-a special gift
-a knock out presentation
-a very unique resume
-an invitation to a small and intimate gathering
-you require an envelope that is of a non standard size
After viewing a few videos on making your own...I was even more impressed at what good value a pre-made envelope really is. We carry a supurb selection of beautiful envelopes. And we can help you sort through the maze of sizes and styles.
And, by the way, if you do lack dexterity, don't forget to choose your envelope first before designing your project!