Our Declutter Friends: Pouches & Boxes

The whole idea of decluttering and tidying is to clear our minds and enjoy a fresh aesthetic. 

At Paper-Ya we appreciate beauty and style too! Choose from our pouches for tucking pencils and pens away or a really pretty box for the "little nothings" drawer. We all have no shortage of small things that need to be gathered or organized.

Not all pouches and boxes are for managing our clutter. Some pouches go shopping or to parties, as they make the perfect little purse. Some boxes hold our most treasured memories and keepsakes.  

Do life with style while receiving the pleasure some simple things can give. A well designed pouch or a beautiful, useful box, now that, is simple!

Scottish style Mura sealing wax comes in knock out gorgeous colours.

Each stick has a wick and measures approximately 100mm and will generally give 6-8 impressions. And, oh the colors, nummy or what!

We can also help you with the seal. Letters or images or combine them!

Check out our fun to watch video and get sealing!

You have heard the saying Presentation is Everything, that might be an exaggeration but it sure helps...big time.

The adventure of getting you and your work out into the marketplace can be challenging, we all need a little guidance sometimes

Putting together a professional, well organized and attractive portfolio will effectively present you and your work to new and existing clients.

Our portfolios will help make the job of self-promotion more fun and inspiring. Present yourself with flair and confidence, go to it with gusto and hey, good luck!

If you are in the "Handmade to Sell" business then Paper-Ya is your go to place for that extra special something.

Owning and operating and especially growing your "handmade to sell" business is challenging and we can help you stand out at the fair! 

Three very valuable skills to have are Hand Lettering, Screen Printing and Letterpress. All beautiful art forms in themselves. Enterprising crafters enjoy packaging and promoting their handmade products and understand the need of adding that special touch.

You never know what you will find at Paper-Ya that you did not know you needed!

Envelopes part 2: Making your own envelopes is easy enough if...

you have patience and some extra time. It also helps to have dexterity. You can make something amazing with our selection of decorative papers at Paper-Ya.

We also sell templates to make the job easier. As well, you can use an existing envelope as a template. A vast selection of videos on You Tube can assist in the project. If you only need a few envelopes, making them just might be a good option. Some situations for making your own envelopes could be:
-a special gift
-a knock out presentation
-a very unique resume
-an invitation to a small and intimate gathering
-you require an envelope that is of a non standard size
After viewing a few videos on making your own...I was even more impressed at what good value a pre-made envelope really is. We carry a supurb selection of beautiful envelopes. And we can help you sort through the maze of sizes and styles.
And, by the way, if you do lack dexterity, don't forget to choose your envelope first before designing your project!

Once again we will immerse ourselves in work and relish learning what we love.

For those who want to feel good and look good, we suggest the Nava Sling. No more wiping out people in the hallways or clearing coffee shop counters of cups. You are now safe to move about with confidence!
Modern, well designed with clean lines in rust or light grey. The Sling is expandable with an innovative pleated construction. Just one of the many Nava Bags we carry.
If you find that a hard copy organizer works best then the 18 month weekly Moleskine planners are for you. Now on our shelves in two sizes.

Our new Aunts & Uncles post bags, knapsacks, and briefcases are styled with care and character.

The Aunts & Uncles line is designed by Angelika and Sven of Germany. They think of their passionately designed leather bags as "bags for life".
Treated with oil and wax and produced by hand give each bag its individual charm. Your bag will gain its own leather patina and character with daily use. These are not bags to fuss over, but to be used.
Manufactured in medium sized Indian and Italian leather shops we are assured that the working atmosphere and fair wages are fundamental to this company. The workmanship is carefully guided and a high standard bag is produced for a remarkable price to our customer.
Some of my favorite highlights of the Aunts & Uncles bags are the rain flaps over the corners, the hidden back zippers, velcro latches, and the padded ipad and computer compartments. There are lots of pockets and storage inside. These are well stitched bags with sturdy hardware. Wear with pride!