Put the Wedding Party in a delightful mood. Create a table that is charming and unique.

If you have some time, paper pinwheels or windmills are fairly easy to make. Go to www.rubberstamping.about.com for instructions and a free template. We have all the paper in the world for you to pick from to make yours just perfect. Or, you can choose one of these babies that are ideal to set the mood of any festive table.

What do you mean you can't have your cake and eat it too? Actually, you can't eat these slices, sorry, but you can put something very special inside these cake boxes! Yep, cake boxes. Oh, how delightful.
You don't have to be having a wedding to enjoy these and many more little surprises we have in the store for you. You just have to have a party for two...or more, and an appreciation of the delightful.