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The Light Creations of Cameron Mathieson

are extraordinary in both their simplicity of materials and purity of feeling.

We met this remarkable artist in Paper-Ya, buying paper, of course. Even though we do not sell his lights we wanted to share his artistic endeavors with you. We know you will be impressed and inspired, as we are.

Cameron Mathieson works from the shores of remote Duncan Lake in the Kootenays, in nature and solitude. His collection of what he refers to as a "boneyard of weathered wood" is stunning and an art instillation in itself!

The artist transforms worn and naturally discarded branches and roots into new life. Like skeletons and spines, they become armatures of which paper is elegantly shaped and twisted around and light is introduced. His creations are indeed functional while instilled with a spiritual feeling and deep respect toward nature and her natural gifts. Wood, paper and lightness. To learn more about this artist and his amazing work go to lightness.ca

Sustainable...we hear it all the time. But what does it mean? Sustainability is a complex subject, but basically it is the capacity to endure. We all want that!

We wanted to tell you about a company that has committed themselves to an eco-friendly production of cards, boxes and wrap. They have gone the extra kilometer. Smock creates beautiful letterpress cards on bamboo paper! This soft paper is luxuriously thick which responds to the letterpress printing process beautifully. Bamboo is a plant that does not require pesticides or fertilizers to grow. And surprisingly, bamboo generates substantially more oxygen than hardwood trees and absorbs four times as much carbon. Smock also use only vegetable oil based and low VOC inks.




Washi What? Throughout 2011 we will bring you some fine examples of washi and those who explore its amazing beauty and capabilities in their art.

Bicchu Torinoko Gampi 16x22

 Washi is traditional handmade Japanese paper usually made from the gampi, kozo or mitsumata bush or a combination of these plant fibres. The branches are trimmed and the bark is removed, cleaned and then pounded to a liquid solution, without chlorine or other nasty chemicals. The sheets are usually hand pulled, using traditional methods and equipment.

Usa Senka Long 15x39

 Some of the special qualities of these gorgeous papers are its absorbency, flexibility, lightness, low acidity, translucency, and strength.

Taniai Kusakizome 10x13

 Who uses washi?

artists, bookbinders, craftspeople, interior designers printmakers, graphic designers painters and drawers, manufactures.

Tamura Koban 14x16


Ya Ya's Pick o' The Day Sun 27 Jun - Bamboo Tornado pen

True to its name, this Bamboo Tornado pen's handle is made entirely out of bamboo. Not only it looks cool, because it's made from bamboo, it is environmentally sustainable too since bamboo is a renewable resource that is both beautiful and durable. When you purchase a Bamboo Tornado pen, you are also helping the Arbor Day Foundation to help rescue 250 square feet of rain forest and the habitat it protects. This pen gets our two thumbs up!