Washi What? Throughout 2011 we will bring you some fine examples of washi and those who explore its amazing beauty and capabilities in their art.

Bicchu Torinoko Gampi 16x22

 Washi is traditional handmade Japanese paper usually made from the gampi, kozo or mitsumata bush or a combination of these plant fibres. The branches are trimmed and the bark is removed, cleaned and then pounded to a liquid solution, without chlorine or other nasty chemicals. The sheets are usually hand pulled, using traditional methods and equipment.

Usa Senka Long 15x39

 Some of the special qualities of these gorgeous papers are its absorbency, flexibility, lightness, low acidity, translucency, and strength.

Taniai Kusakizome 10x13

 Who uses washi?

artists, bookbinders, craftspeople, interior designers printmakers, graphic designers painters and drawers, manufactures.

Tamura Koban 14x16