Our Declutter Friends: Pouches & Boxes

The whole idea of decluttering and tidying is to clear our minds and enjoy a fresh aesthetic. 

At Paper-Ya we appreciate beauty and style too! Choose from our pouches for tucking pencils and pens away or a really pretty box for the "little nothings" drawer. We all have no shortage of small things that need to be gathered or organized.

Not all pouches and boxes are for managing our clutter. Some pouches go shopping or to parties, as they make the perfect little purse. Some boxes hold our most treasured memories and keepsakes.  

Do life with style while receiving the pleasure some simple things can give. A well designed pouch or a beautiful, useful box, now that, is simple!

Fun for all ages (part 2): how to create Halloween ghost & spider web origami the easy way [videos]

Spider Web Origami:

You'll need:

  1. Origami papers* (golden paper for the spider web; white paper for the ghost)
  2. Scissor
  3. Hole puncher
  4. Pencil/pen

Ghost Origami:

For tutorials on pumpkin & bat origami from our previous posting, click here

Thanks, Makiko!

* Paper-Ya has one of the largest selections of specialty origami papers in Vancouver

Who said you cannot find Zen in anything ephemeral? We beg to differ

Ever find yourself wanting to doodle just for doodling-sake without wasting papers? We found ourselves wanting to focus on our task, but sometimes a quick diversion to re-focus is just what we needed even if it lasts only for seconds. Doodling as an art of diversion can be extremely productive when channeled right and Buddha Board can help immensely.

Better have a camera handy though, because you never know, that Picasso within you might just be bubbling up to the surface as we've seen time and again:

This little spongy ball, ice-cream scoop-sized Yuento Speaker will be a cool companion to your portable music device

This little spongy ball is an ice-cream scoop-sized speaker-pompom you dangle from your personhood in a kind of stylish carefree non chalant manner. La di da... It plugs into the head phone jack of any portable media device and lets you enjoy your tunes with surprising volume and clarity. Comes in other delicious colours. Makes an excellent gift to give or to receive!

You don't have to be Marco Polo/Christopher Columbus to discover the wonderful world that surrounds you. This can help

Even the mundane can be wondrous with just a bit of imaginations. This book shows readers and journal keepers how to use their imaginations to observe the world around them with the creative perception of an artist or scientist. Illustrator Keri Smith’s book How to Be an Explorer of the World encourages readers to be curious about their environment and to see the world with new eyes. With 59 explorations, you'll surely be groomed into a great explorer!

How to Be an Explorer of the World gets our two thumbs up and is our Pick Of The Day.

Voodoo Time!

A customer walked into our store today and she screamed in delight. We approached her and asked whether she needed any help. She told us that the paper voodoo was just what she's been looking for all along. Apparently, she brings a real voodoo doll to her workplace as a form of stress-reduction therapy. She'd name her voodoo doll with the name of the person who caused her grief at her workplace before piercing many pins into the doll (and possibly cursing at it after). She said she would feel much better afterwards.

Since it would attract her co-workers' unwanted attention whenever she took out a voodoo doll out from her drawer, the paper voodoo would be a much better solution and would serve her purpose just as well.

We were glad we could help ;)